About the Founders/Directors

Photograph by Emi Knight 2009

Photograph by Emi Knight

Olana Flynn is an independent dancer and choreographer based in Northampton, MA. She received her BA in performance and choreography from Hampshire College. As a choreographer she seeks to create structures and movement that force dancers and audience their relationship to and perception of space and time through qualitative juxtaposition intricately layered phrase work. Her most recent work, if tangled bits fly loose is a highly physical piece that explores grief and loss as a corporeal experience. In 2013 she performed in choreographies by Katie Martin and Terese Freedman as well as participated in an improvisational ensemble directed by Angie Hauser. She has worked as a stage manager in the Five College Dance Department and as an administrative and production assistant at Dance New Amsterdam and the Mark Morris Dance Group in New York City. She is currently working on a duet to be debuted at Green Space in Long Island City, March 2014.


dance_2009Katie Aylward  is a choreographer, dancer, and a videographer based in the Pioneer Valley. She received her MFA in dance from Ohio State University in 2013, where she trained under Bebe Miller, Karol Rogers, Meghan Durham Wall, and Abby Zbikowski. Prior to this, Aylward performed with Wire Monkey Dance and Dance Connect. Her choreography has been presented here in the Valley and in Ohio, consisting of both live dance and multimedia productions. Her research incorporates choreography and improvisation with simulated footage on textured surfaces. Recently she explored site-specific work at a PlaceMaker residency at Earthdance. In the past three years, Aylward took a liking to dance documentation. She interned with Bates Dance Festival videographers for two consecutive summers and directed and co-produced a youth arts rap video amongst other projects. Her dance-for-camera videos have been shown throughout the country. Aylward is currently office/operations manager at Contact Quarterly dance magazine.


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